Criminal Minds is finally back again and the fans can’t keep calm!!

Criminal Minds is finally back again and the fans can’t keep calm. Well mostly it can be due to the reason that Thomas Gibson, a great actor who was part in the “criminal minds.” He was kicked out off the show. This may be the reason many are sad about it. It was noted that there has been a violent incident due to which the actor was fired from the show. Anyway, we can consider that he had bad luck and had to quite due to his involvement in a violent matter. The authorities saw that he was guilty and fired him from the popular show.

Many fans were disappointed with the news. Everyone was expecting a good news because “Criminal Minds” are back. But no one expected Thomas to be kicked out like that out if the show so quickly. Sad news for the actor because right after that other people have also said that he has a violent nature and that in the set of the show also he was seen like this. So his behavior pretty much like this. Well, it did not end up well and on top of that he has other people saying bad also about it.

Thomas said that but was indeed a great pleasure for him to work with the show but his time has come up. He was also thankful for a having a great team, creators, producers, co-workers and all the members in it. Thomas was especially happy, grateful and thankful for his fans. He said that it was his pleasure indeed for having a fans like this and he was really happy about it.

The incident came to light when the producer was beaten up by Thomas. Also the actor has other cases against him for violence and all. So now he has been sent for behavior and to get his temper in check and all. Hopefully everything would work out soon.