Creator and Drummer of the supergroup Cream passes away at the age of 80

One of the most celebrated drummers and a member of the supergroup named “Cream” has passed away at a hospital located in the United Kingdom at the age of 80.

Ginger Baker, 80-years-old, was informed to have died while being at the hospital.

Ginger Baker’s daughter, Nettie Baker, has informed the CNN Entertainment that her dad has passed away peacefully. Nettie Baker added that he was not in any kind of pain and that he was able to see and talk to his kids, special friends, and his close family.

Hawkwind, a psychedelic rock band which has worked with Ginger Baker in previous projects, has shared their condolences on Twitter this Sunday.

Creator and Drummer of the supergroup Cream passes away at the age of 80 1
Image: Twitter

Ginger Baker was brought up in Lewisham, situated to the south of London. Ginger Baker’s father had died at World war II when he was only four years old.

Ginger Baker started playing drums just at the age of 16 and sought peace in music when he was constantly bullied at his school. And a year after he started playing drums, he was making a living out of it as a professional musician. He started getting fame in London’s 1950s Soho jazz scenes.

Ginger Baker has learned all about African rhythms from another British jazz drummer, Ginger Baker’s hero, Phil Seaman. It was also Ginger Baker’s hero who has introduced heroin to him.

In the year 1962, when Charlie Watts left to join the Rolling Stones, Ginger Baker replaced him as a drummer in the band Alexis Corner’s Blues Incorporated.

From there on, Ginger Baker went on to join the Graham Bond Organization that has taken no time to become popular in the United Kingdom. Ginger Baker had a legendary tumultuous relationship with bassist Jack Bruce.

Later, Ginger Baker went to form his own band with Eric Clapton in 1966 and named his band “Cream.”