Cosplay of the Day: The Witcher’s Triss Merigold By Cerisia Cosplay

The Cosplay of the Dayis the Witcher’s Triss Merigold by Cerisia Cosplay.

It talks about Triss and how good of a person she was and how she was good at doing magic. Triss was famous and was seen as the greatest Sorceresses in the witch’s world. She knows how to perform well with her talents.

But she also had problems in her life. Triss was best friend with Yennefer of Vengeberg, who was also her colleague. Yennefer was also a soceres. But both of them had fallen in love with Geralt of Rivia, which was a clash between both of the witches. Also, Geralt chose Triss to take care of Ciri at Kaer Morhen. Triss was the first to be called. But this offended Yennefer. They both loved Geralt, and him asking Triss for a favor, in this case, made Yennefer more angry at Triss.

Even though Triss only was seen as doing magical things and related to the witch, she knew how to defend herself and knew how to use a trick with a knife. Even if she had a problem, she knew how to save herself and knew the tricks and correct usages of the knife. She was a person with a lot and lots of talents. She knew how to use the correct potions. But Triss was allergic to potions, which was weird because she itself was good with potions and knew how to use it correctly.

Today now the cosplay is Cerisia Cosplay. Cerise is from German, and she is also talented as like Triss. She also knows how to use magic in the right and correct way. Cerise modeled for Triss from the video game CD Project Red. The photos and everything can be seen on Twitter and on social media, where it is seen in bold and bright colors.