Controversy continues for Disney’s The Little Mermaid cast?? Checkout for Plot [LATEST UPDATES], Casting, releasing date and trailer

The Little Mermaid is an American adventure film. This film is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story of the same name. The director and writer of the story is Blake Harris.

The Little Mermaid Plot

Hans Christian Anderson’s original story is all about a mermaid who gave up herself to gain a new human body, and also she sacrificed her life to the man she loved. But he refused her for another woman. The latest Disney version has a more idealistic one. Ariel, who is a lovable prince and her wish only are to become a part of the human soul. The latest one has more interesting when she has fallen in love with Prince Eric and saved him from a disaster.

Ariel has the ability to proceed further without any difficulty by villainous Ursula to enter into a contract where she will be able to move onto land in humans to win the heart of Eric. But at that time, there would be some consideration where One Ursula can speak, and Ariel can’t. Ariel would turn back onto mermaid even she didn’t get the “kiss of true love” from Eric than she belongs to Ursula forever.

The Little Mermaid cast, release date, and trailer

Disney has confirmed the cast in it. A brand new face has been seen for the eponymous fish girl. Halle Bailey will be playing the role of the fishgirl Ariel, which is the one half of the R&B duo CHLOE X HALLE. Jodi Benson also backed who’s voice Ariel in the original one. Crazy Rich Asians and The Farewell star Awkwafina had also confirmed for it, and both of them gave the voice of a gender-swapped Scuttle.

There has not been any confirmation regarding the release date. The production will be remaking it in April 2020. If it would be done, then it may be dropped in late 2021.

Till now, there has not been either an official trailer online or a teaser. There would be a teaser after they are starting the shoot.