Comedy Drama Series You Me Her Will Be Returning For 5 on Netflix And Much More! Check out all latest updates right here.

While Netflix popular comedy-drama series You Me Her season 4 released a while ago, fans are wondering whether a fifth season is opening anytime soon or not! Well, that is what we might be looking into the article given below.

You Me Her Has Been Renewed For Season 5!

The comedy-drama series that deals with polyamorous relationships between a couple who soon finds an uninvited guest into their life and the aftermath is why makes it an interesting watch for fans. The series had a good run with back to back four seasons.

Fans will be happy to know that the series has been officially renewed for season 5 as well, Netflix ordered a double renewal for the series, and a fifth season is happening! So, we are going to see more of the lovestruck people in the series. The wait is finally over as the fifth season is coming to Netflix outside of North America on 22nd October. Here’s the Twitter post from the official page of the series.


The Fifth Season Is Going To Be The Final Season Of The Comedy Drama Series.

However, like all good things, the show is also coming to an end with the fifth and final season on AT&T Audience Network. The series will be wrapping up the poly-romantic story with the fifth season.


With the fifth season coming soon enough this month, the wait is going to be over and we will get to know what’s in store for the characters this one last time! They sure are ready for you and will tickle you funny bones with this final season. We will finally get to know what’s next for them in this last season.