Comedian and SNL’s cast member Kenan Thompson shows his displeasure with Kanye West

Kenan Thompson, SNL’s longest-tenured cast member having tenured for sixteen years, walks out during an episode with Kanye West.


The comedian, Thompson, is unhappy with the American rapper, Kanye West as he relived the infamous moment Kanye West held an impromptu pro-Trump rant on air. In an interview Hot 97’s “The Ebro in the Morning Show” attended by Thompson, the interviewer went into the flashback about SNL’s last year episode attended by Kanye West. Kenan Thompson had a lot to say about it.

That night didn’t go the way he anticipated. He believed that they would come and perform a song over the good night credits. U2 and Paul McCartney performed as usual and the show was going in a good flow until Kanye West played his part. Usually, as one is done with his performance the person is supposed to go to the other stage. But, to his surprise, Kayne didn’t and he realized he is going to have a moment at the stage. Kanye’s act made him extremely uncomfortable.

It had been a long day for the comedian as he was worn out and what he did was probably due to his fatigues. However, Thompson admitted that he felt sympathy for Kanye West. “But God bless him, I felt bad,” he added.

Thompson dismissed West’s claims that he had been bullied at the backstage on the show for wearing a MAGA hat. The SNL cast member didn’t try to overfly promote somebody that’s getting impeached.

Kanye West was garnered by a round of boos after performing on the songs Ghost Town and We Got Love. He addressed the audience donning a custom red MAGA hat. Some of West’s remarks were cut by the NBC show.