Colin Campbell, 70 talks about Jeffery Epstein scandal stating “Having Sex with Minor is Prostitution, Not Pedophilia”!

An old lady Colin Campbell stated in her interview with Good Morning Britain that, there is a “difference between a minor and a child”.

Colin Campbell joins Good Morning Britain

A 70-year-old famous TV personality, as well as a socialite, gives a shock at Good Morning Britain viewers and Piers Morgan as she offended the hiring of a minor for sex, she focused on saying that it was prostitution rather than paedophilia.

Beautiful lady Colin Campbell focused that there is a “difference between a minor and a child.” She said that Jeffery Epstein was charged for soliciting prostitution from minors. And of course, it is different from pedophilia. And she continued saying that she calls it “Prostitution”.

Some more phrases from her interview

Campbell was also spoken directly on the interview given by Prince Andrew to BBC. She offended his friendship with Epstein, who were under custody almost for 13 months after pleading guilty to procuring the soliciting girls under 18. Epstein has also been charged to abuse 36 girls in which many of them were as young as 14.

Colin Campbell reiterates the crimes and criticism done by Jeffery Epstein, and for the same, he was charged. He was charged and got arrested for soliciting prostitution from minors, and that is not the same as paedophilia.

However, she stated that “I am not defending Jeffery Epstein, by all means, he is a criminal; I am trying to tell you the difference between a minor and a child.”

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