Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy: WAGs have started a war over information being leaked by one about another

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High-profile partners of two of the best UK footballers have started a fight on social media over allegations of information being shared with The Sun.
Coleen Rooney (spouse of D.C. United fame Wayne) has accused Rebekah Vardy (spouse of England forward Jamie and Leicester) of leaking information about the stories to “The Sun” from her private Instagram account.

As per what Coleen Rooney has to say, she revealed that to find out who was leaking her stories from her private Instagram account, she has blocked all accounts except one. This way, she added, that she has figured out who the person is behind the scenes.

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Coleen Rooney revealed her detective work and dropped the bombshell today and how she deduced that it was just one person who has has been revealing information to the UK tabloid newspaper.

Coleen Rooney said on Twitter that someone she has trusted very much to follow her personal Instagram had constantly been informing her private posts and stories to “the Sun” newspaper.

Coleen Rooney seems to have all the evidence she ever wanted to surely say that it was Rebekah Vardy who has been doing it. Despite all of this, Rebekah Vardy, spouse of the Foxes star has slammed back at Coleen Rooney with claims and suggesting that her account has been indeed accessed by other people without her own knowledge.

Rebekah Vardy said on her tweet that she would have preferred to talk about this matter over the phone instead of directly tweeting about this. Rebekah added that she could have changed the passwords of her social media accounts if she has been the one releasing the information.

Since then, Rebekah Vardy has been revealing that she will definitely take legal action about the matter since all the football fans have been talking about it while they are at an international break.