Cole Sprouse receives a special birthday wish! Did Cole-Lili ever break up?

Cole Sprouse, the American star who is mainly known for his leadership in the famous series of Disney Channel’s ‘Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, turned 27 on 4th August 2019. Among many of the wishes received on his birthday, one notable and special was from Lili Reinhart.

The reason for this one being ‘special’ is that the birthday boy and the Riverdale star, after dating each other for over two years, had recently parted their ways, at least according to the rumors!

Cole Mitchell Sprouse and his twin, Dylan Sprouse is mainly known for playing the part of Zack and Cody, respectively, in Disney Channel’s series ‘The Suite of Zack and Cody.’ Cole Sprouse featured as Jughead Jones in 2017’s Riverdale, an American television series on the teen drama. The characters of Riverdale were inspired from the Archie Comics. This television series also featured Lili Pauline Reinhart who played the role of Betty Cooper, who was cast alongside Jughead Jones.

Cole Sprouse receives a special birthday wish! Did Cole-Lili ever break up? 1
The Sprouse Brothers

The Riverdale stars met on the very sets of the show and started their journey as a couple. During the promotion of season 4 of Riverdale held at San Diego, the couple reportedly broke up.

To marks the birthday of his co-star, Lili posted a cropped photo of the Cole (she cropped Dylan out! It was supposed to b his birthday too!) on Instagram which she captioned “Happy birthday, baby!” In another post, Lili uploaded another solo picture of Cole. A poem followed as the caption of the mentioned picture.

 These posts have created turmoil in the media and the minds of the stars’fans. Are these two still dating? Did they ever break up? Was the separated interview a public stunt? Only time can answer!