Cody Simpson’s Mom loves Miley Cyrus and gave a green signal?? Is that the sign of wedding bells??

Cody Simpson, the Australian singer, and actor opens up about his romantic relationship with singer Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus was caught in controversy recently. It was because of one of her recent posts, in which she indirectly criticized her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The singer mentioned that she thought she had to be gay. Miley added that all guys are bad and evil. She wrote that there are good people (men) out there and you need to find good people for yourself.

This followed a series of backlash. LGBTI community took her words in the wrong way. Cyrus had to issue a statement clarifying her thoughts about her previous statement. The singer said that she personally respect and prioritize the LGBTQ community she is part of.

Boyfriend Cody Simpson comes to Miley’s rescue and says that people probably took her words in the wrong sense. Cody defended Miley Cyrus against all the online criticism for her Instagram post.

Cody revealed The Project that his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus is wonderful. The Aussie singer is disclosed as the winner of The Masked Singer this week. The two started dating this month. It was after the break-up of Liam and Miley, Cody came into the life of Miley.

Both Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson know each other for years. The Aussie singer confessed that Miley Cyrus was his crush since his childhood. The American singer was a child artist in Disney and Cody liked her since then.

He said – ‘I have always admired her and had an affection for her’. Miley has been my crush and joked that it finally worked. They both are finally together after so many years. The Australian star also told that his mother has given him a green signal for Miley. And added that her mom loves Miley too.