Cody Simpson And Miley Cyrus Going Strong Over The Past Few Months. After rehab session, Miley was accompanied by Cody at thanksgiving family dinner?

It seems like Miley Cyrus is going strong with her new man Cody Simpson. Despite dating for just a few months the couple is already spending all the major holidays together. The family was having a low key Thanksgiving dinner. Let us have a look at the couple and their love over the past few months.

Cody Simpson and Mikey Cyrus Are Spending Thanksgiving Together With Miley’s Family.

This week Cody joined the whole Cyrus crew for a Thanksgiving dinner. The moment was captured by Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus on her Instagram. In the picture, all the family members and some with their significant other were all smiles and seem to be having a good time together.

She also writes a heartfelt caption thanking everyone who is on the table and also talked about staying hydrated as well! The picture includes Cyrus, her mother, Tish, brother Trace, and her grandmother, Ruth Ann Casto. The Insta worthy photograph also showed the family with plates of Thanksgiving food and water bottles.

Cody Supporting Miley Through Her Tough Times.

Cody Simpson is seen to be supporting Miley through he trough times. She recently was suffering from a vocal issue for which she was advised to take complete rest. Miley is also rumored to be going to rehab as well. It all seems fine now with the support of her new love.

Miley’s beau Cody hasn’t seemed to leave Cyrus’s side much after her vocal cord surgery earlier this month. She will need weeks to recover after the operation, which followed a separate operation for tonsillitis. She and Cody kept things simple and quiet last week for Cyrus’s birthday celebrations. Recently the singer was also photographed wearing a big crown hat and blowing the candle on a huge birthday cake. She also writes a caption saying that she won’t forget her twenty-seventh silent birthday! It seems like the singer had a wonderful birthday and a low key family dinner for Thanksgiving.