Clash Royale: a video game that will trigger the strategic personality in you! Read for all updates.

A video game published by Supercell, Clash Royale is a video game that is a multiplayer game. Released in 2016, the game has gained the audience much needed in a short time. The game is based on the end goal to see who reaches the end state of success by destroying the ‘King’s Tower’ however, the mundane objective remains to destroy the opposing towers throughout the game. The game demarcates the players based on the number of trophies that they get with the upper limit being 13.

The public review of the game

Any game or creation is incomplete if it doesn’t reach the public well. The game has captured a great public in a short time. Within a year, the game had generated $1 billion in its revenue from the game. The game allows the payers to form clans to indulge in the wars and win in the end. The limit to players in the clan is 50. The game is known for its add ons that it keeps making to the game.

In 2016 the game was introduced to a new Tournament feature which gets unlocked in level 5 and can be accessed from level 8. This was not the end but pavement to a new way. In 2017, ‘Leagues’ as a feature was added to the game. The number of leagues determines the rewards that the player achieves in every season. The same year, ‘Quests’ was added to the game which contained free rewards for the players. Although it can be accessed under certain special conditions.

The game has proved its acceptance with the features and simplicity of achieving them. a must-play game, not only me but the players themselves say the same. Indeed, a must-play game after reading so much about it.