City Girls Yung Miami allegedly shot In Miami! She made a comeback, has she??

One-half of the ‘City Girls’ rappers Yung Miami allegedly shot on an early Tuesday morning. She was a victim of a drive-by shooting in Miami which happened on 6th August. Fortunately, the singer remains unharmed with no casualties or injuries. She was reportedly returning from a shoot for her new album in Circle House Studios. Yung Miami was in her red Mercedes G wagon.

The aftermath of the incident:

It was chaos near Circle House Studios that Tuesday morning. People posted many videos on twitter, claiming that they were present there when the shooting happened. There is a video of Yung Miami in which she is explaining the police what exactly happened. According to her, the shooting came from behind her. The car was behind, and also it’s headlights were off. The lights were off; that’s why she couldn’t see anything. She also said that the bullets damaged her spare tire. In another video, we can see a man being thankful that Yung and also her unborn baby were unharmed.

According to sources, they are no suspects yet, but the police are trying there best in this matter.

Yung Miami and Kodak Black:

Yung Miami in June revealed that she is pregnant with the producer Southside. Just a week before the alleged shooting, Kodak Black threatened to punch in her stomach. He released a freestyle rap from the jail to reach out to the singer. In the rap, he said he proposed Yung Miami, but she refused him because she was pregnant with Southside’s baby. However, after the shooting incident, Kodak Black apologized to Southside and Yung. He said that he has no beef with any of them and wished the couple best of luck.

The apology came after Southside took a dig on him on social media and also threatened to beat him up. As fans, we all hope that Yung Miami returns to entertain us all.