City Girls Pregnant rapper’s SUV shot 16 times….Yung Miami was in the car during the shooting??

The band City Girls are one of the best breakout in the hip-hop industry in the year 2019. They started capturing attention after they were featured in Drake’s solo ‘In My Feelings.’ Following this solo hot from Drake, the group City Girls have become one of the biggest hits in 2019 with City Girls single ‘Twerk’ which featured Cardi B and another single ‘Act Up.’

But for one of the members from the band City Girls 2019 is going to be remembered in multiple ways. Though the band has been having a good year with multiple hit songs, one of the members nearly died. Yung Miami, a rapper in the group City Girls, was pregnant during this incident. As Yung Miami left the Circle House Studios in her red Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, someone has shot her SUV 16 times. Fortunately, none of the shots have harmed the rapper, and she was reportedly safe. Yung, Miami is pregnant.

City Girls Pregnant rapper's SUV shot 16 times....Yung Miami was in the car during the shooting?? 3

A video of Yung Miami complaining to the police about this incident has surfaced the internet. In this Video, Yung Miami says that they had their lights off and that they came from behind her. It was informed that one of the first shots had hit the spare tire which was attached to the back of her SUV.

Various online commentators have pointed out that this incident took place merely a few days after the rapper was threatened. Accused rapist Kodak Black and fellow South Florida rapper have published a critical jailhouse bizarre freestyle attacking Yung Miami and has threatened to hit her in the stomach if he ever saw Yung Miami again.

Up to this point, there are no suspects and the Miami- Dade police department has launched a full investigation for this incident. They reported that the shooting took place around 1 PM a little closer to the Circle House Recording studio.