Cinema Strangiato: Rush’s new Movie out in Theaters Celebrating the R40 tour!! Checkout for more details!

Rush and their new film Cinema Straniato has hit the select theatres for August 21, and the trailer of the film is out now. It is going to be a one night only cinematic screening on the day. The new trailer for RUSH’s Cinema Strangiato: An Annual Exercise in Fan Indulgence would be taking the viewers behind the scenes of the R40 also a part of Rush’2015 release.

The 40th-anniversary tour, with unreleased songs, feature song performances and backstage footage and moreover, new interviews with the famous producer of the mind-blowing Rush and Rush fans Tom Morello, Billy Corgan, Taylor Hawkins, violinist Jonathan Dinklage and more.

Cinema Strangiato: Rush's new Movie out in Theaters Celebrating the R40 tour!! Checkout for more details! 3Gerry Lee, the Rush Singer, and bassist told the 93.3 WMMR about the upcoming of the Cinema Strangiato. He exclaimed that it a way of celebrating the R40 tour on the big screen and enjoy it. Apart from whatever the fans may have seen in the footages earlier aired on the screens, it has its own new elements and those part of the tour which the fans have never seen. And then there are some interviewers saying things about them. The main intent was to take the fans out of their own worlds and make them feel and watch out for the vibe and the feel that every other Rush fan experiences when in the show and the final tour.

The Trafalgar Releasing and Anthem Entertainment events have been made to come together with the great help of a partnership with Concord Music Group. The Trafalgar Releasing senior vice president said for the acquisition, Kymberli Frueh said that the Rush: Cinema Strangiato 2019 would soon become an annual event across the globe and let the fans of the band enjoy the aura together of the famous popular rock bands together every year. Rush had been inactive since the tour of R40 Live, but now it has come up with its new releases.