Chrissy Teigen Has Raised A Rather Controversial Question About The Popular Series Selling Sunset!

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Netflix’s popular reality television series Selling Sunset one of the most glamorous and controversial shows of all time. The Netflix series has given the real estate a bog makeover with everything that is all about glamour and extravaganza!

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Chrissy Teigen Pointed Out A Huge Thing About The Hit Series Selling Sunsets!

While the show has been showing these ladies selling houses and these houses are not just any ordinary houses but beautiful and spacious mansions in L.A. However, recently, Chrissy Teigen has pointed out something suspicious about the show and this might put the whole thing into a whole new perspective. Take a look at the tweet that Teigen made about these ladies of the show. Are the leading ladies going to react to this?

The cool expert and social media figure have tweeted saying that she looks into real estate a lot but have never seen any of these beautiful ladies as their agents or heard about them in this business. This is something even some of the fans have earlier pointed out as well.

Fans Also Had The Same Question Over All These Years!

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While this is just a vague assumption and speculation that Chrissy might have pointed out but it has been a point of a question for so many years amongst the viewers as well. Some even pointed out that this might be a weapon to.increase publicity for the dramatic reality television series.

While Teigen is trying to make a point out here, we wonder what how will the leading ladies of the hit reality show going to react to this. We wonder is there’s going to be any reply coming soon enough about this question mark left by the tweet.