Chris McQuarrie Talks About The Rumored Space Film And Calls Tom Cruise’s The Mission Impossible Film Insane! Check out for more details.

Chris McQuarrie and Tom Cruise have collaborated on a number of film projects and it seems like a big revelation is also on the way this time as well!

Filmmaker Chris McQuarrie Talks About The Mission Impossible Film Franchise And More! Here’s What We Know.

During an exclusive interview with a podcast, the filmmaker was talking about the coming Mission Impossible 7 and 8 films, however, when asked about the recent announcement of Tom Cruise being a part of a space film, he also opens up about that.

The filmmaker assures fans that while the space project is still up in the air, both the Mission Impossible films are staying in ground for all the good reasons. McQuarrie assures that the films are going to be so insane that we don’t need to go into space. Let us look into it further details given below.

A New Untitled Film Is Also In Works, As Hinted By The Filmmaker!

Apart from this existing franchise that the duo is working on, the filmmaker hints at yet another film apart from the Mission: Impossible franchise that he’s currently in the very early stages of developing with Tom Cruise. About this untitled project, McQuarrie is looking forward to have the screenplay actually finished before they get to work on this one.

It seems like the director is still seemed pretty vague when asked about the rumored space film. It was just a few weeks ago when a space film is rumored to happen along with NASA teaming up with Elon Musk. Tom Cruise is reportedly Eyed for playing the lead role in this space adventure film. However,  McQuarrie is more interested in the Mission Impossible franchise at this point!