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Chris Lopez defends Kailyn Lowry’s baby Creed facing paternity issues that he is not Lopez’s child! Check out to know what happened.

When someone hits the painful nerve, the receiver is left with few options, one of which is to reply back if the things go beyond their control. Not surprisingly, this had to happen yet again. Hatemongers must realize that their offense can be taken seriously by anyone and the repair is tough to achieve. This comes with pain and misery. What Kailyn has been facing is not unknown to anyone.

This has become news and nearly everyone is talking about it. This comes with a lot of bullying done by Teen Mom 2’s fans spurted hate against the child of the TV actress. This is not only unbearable to them but also getting beyond their control. The child’s name is a creed and that has ignited conversations about the creed of the child being different from its parents. The grounds on which the questioned the newborn baby were unjust, and it doesn’t end with that, there has been a chain of replies that have followed and that is gaslighting the scenario even more.

What does Chris have to say about the controversy?

Chris, the father of the child had to speak about the issue that was going on, he commented not soon after Kailyn was tackling with the fans who were showing hate to the child. Chris admitted his ignorance to the children and their lives. He has been keen on several issues that were concerned with the child, especially the hate and scrutiny that it had to face. He said that he was dragged to the scene despite not having committed any mistakes.

He would rather prefer keeping anonymity in his response to the issue and the only reason why he spoke at all was due to the angle that concerned him without his permission. 

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