Chinese Vessels Sunked The Indonesian Submarine, Suggests Expert in the New Theory!!

The KRI Nanggala was commissioned by the Indonesian Navy in 1981. The company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft built this submarine and it has 38 crew members. People critised overcapacity of the submarine as it was originally designed to hold only 38 crewmates but now there are 50, which is more than what many other submarines can carry!

The Indonesian missing submarine KRI Nanggala 402 has reportedly sunk with all 53 crew members aboard in the waters off Tanjung Uban port near Banjarbaru City on Kalimantan’s north coast of West Borneo.

The Indonesians lost their own sub and now they’re pointing fingers at China for sinking it? That sounds a bit fishy to me clearly, this is just more unfounded speculation as evidence mounts against them in what could be an international scandal that will shake up some of Jakarta’s most powerful figures from military commanders down to civilian bureaucrats who should’ve known better than let something so sensitive get loose!

Indonesian Submarine Sunk by Chinese Vessels, New Theory Suggest. The Indonesian missing submarine KRI Nanggala 402 has reportedly sunk which also killed all 53 crew members aboard.

Indonesia’s Navy has confirmed that a submarine is missing with 53 crew members aboard.

A submarine sank off the coast of Indonesia, and it could take months for search teams to find its remains. The vessel is believed to have been sunk by an attack from a Chinese ship in disputed waters near Nanggala Island on Wednesday morning at 7:30 am local time. As reports surfaced about what caused the sinking – some speculated that there might have been an explosion on board while others thought power outage – one thing was clear; Indonesian Navy had no idea how this happened or why they couldn’t raise any survivors yet.

Indonesian Navy declares a submarine with 53 aboard missing.

The Chinese vessels have been accused of attacking the Nanggala. The reason for its sinking has not yet been determined, but navy officials believe it is likely that a power outage caused an accident resulting in the submarine’s submerging and subsequent death. Yudo Margono believes there was no explosion aboard his vessel after all sonar would have easily detected any such event had already occurred when he left port around 11 pm Sunday night before everything went dark with only one thing on their minds – to save themselves at any cost possible. As of now, bodies from crew members are still missing and searchers continue looking underwater.

The Indonesian Navy commissioned this KRI Nanggala submarine in 1981, a product of the German company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft. Built to hold only 38 crew members back when it was first designed and built in 1980, people critiqued its overcapacity as submarines are expected to carry dozens more officers onboard today.