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Cheetah’s Final Form Revealed In Toy Before Wonder Woman 1984 release! Check it out.

The toys are on sale now and we can derive some ideas from how the character will look in the movie

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 was set to release on December 2019, but was later pushed to June, only for it to be delayed all the way to October due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the movie hasn’t released any images of the characters for a long time. Fans have been curious to see the movie’s main villain Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, but the images haven’t been revealed yet.

However, the movie released its line of toys recently and we got to see Cheetah in her final form, complete with the claws and cat feet.

Movie Facts

We will be seeing Gal Gadot returning as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, and Chris Pine is also returning for his role of Steve Trevor. A lot of mystery has been surrounding this, as Trevor had died in the first movie. New characters will include Wiig, and Pedro Pascal. Pascal will essay the role of Maxwell Lord, and will be an adversary for Diana in the movie, and Wiig will be playing Barbara Minerva, a shy archaeologist who becomes one of Diana’s biggest and most classic nemesis, Cheetah. This will be Cheetah’s live action debut.

The action figure is already available for sale in Walmart and other popular toy stores, as well as online sites. We are assuming that this will be more or less, the movie version. What’s surprising is that it looks like Cheetah is going to have actual cat paws in the movie, and her transformation is going to be more than just Minerva putting on a cat suit.

We are most likely going to see her transform from her human form into the cheetah form.

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