Check Out Who Is The Latest New Addition In 13 Reasons Why 4: Jan Luis Castellanos aka Diego Torres.


While Netflix hit series 13 Reasons Why is all set to air the fourth and final season thus, wrapping the teenage drama up with the final season. However, the last and definitely most controversial season has introduced a new cast member and he is already creating a stir.

Meet The Newest Cast Member Of 13 Reasons Why: Jan Luis Castellanos.

The show has added Jan Luis Castellanos who is all set to be playing the role of Diego Torres. When asked about what made the actor go for the role, Luis stated that it is the authenticity of the role that impressed him. He had to go back to his own high school traits and habits as an athlete.

The actor is in a loving relationship with his long time girlfriend in real life and often posts photos of the two via his Instagram account. This new addition in the show is being liked by fans and the actor jas already became popular amongst fans as well.

The Actor Talks And Opens Up About His Role At Length.

When asked about how his character Diego is dealing with the death of Monty which is the most controversial part of this show as of now. The actor said that he is also put for some answers just like some of the other characters in the series. For him the death of a great loss as if he just lost a brother.

The actor also said that Diego is a good person and is smart. He is looking for some answered that well, we all are and we might get the answers as the story wraps up all for one last time. The show has reached its final stage.