Check out these exclusive cheats for the game ‘The Forest’ for PC and PS4! Its pretty interesting.

Games are in fashion these days. From the group of children to that of adults, all prefer playing games in their pass time. Gamers never get old with their fashion at games. The more the versions of a game that release, the wider options do they have. A game comes out in many versions which are improvised versions of the previous ones. Games are a mind refreshing activity.

Everyone who plays games, online or offline would know the fun at playing them, the amount of happiness that an individual gets on accomplishing a mission on a game is unparalleled with other happy moments for a gamer.

Cheatcodes are meant to ease the game that players play with. Tougher situations require mindful activities by the players and hence, they need to search for optimum ways to carry out any activity in the game. Shortcuts are the best ways to play a game when the full attention of every player is on the game itself. At that moment, they require to think fast and make a quick decision with no wasting of time.

What are some of the Forest cheats?

Cheat codes vary with the device that one is playing the game with. Be it PC or PS4, every device uses various functions to play a game and to execute functions. Some of the most used cheat codes are as follows. The purpose of this article is to make players aware of the useful cheat codes. 

The list of cheats are-

regrow more – 10% of fallen trees regrow while you sleep (provided the stump is still there).

vegan mode – Enemies only appear in caves.

wood paste – Undoes all holes made by the hole cutter and crane

again to disable.

meat mode – Disables all cheats.

iron forest – Buildings are indestructible, type code a

vegetarian mode – Enemies only appear at night

raw meat mode – Permadeath. If you die, wave goodbye to your save file.

These can be used for both devices.