Check out Miley Cyrus’s latest transformation this quarantine! The results are shocking and she looks totally brand new.

We have seen alot of up and downs and quirky things since the first day of the COVID-19 outbreak. And hence, Hollywood too has not let any chance of branding off its hands. Our Ryan Reynolds has come up with a new hairstyle during this lockdown. He has embraced a pony tail. This is due the lockdown as most of the salons are shut down and barbers are on a leave.

The stardom of Hollywood is taking up new facial and other bodily challenges to show out their true selves and embrace the change. As you read the full article you will come across many others who have taken up this challenge and have outshone others.

First in our list is Anwar Hadid’s lovey-dovey girlfriend, Dua Lipa. She has been spending her quarantine time with her boyfriend and the duo has tried to broadcast a whole new horizon of colors to their fans and followers. In her last Instagram story, she brought out the Orangina, in the series of the same.

After Dua comes Ruby Rose, this Australian model and actress has taken upto her Instagram stories to show off her short trimmed hair. Have you watched, Call Me By Your Name?, if yes, then Armie Hammer of the same has become unrecognizable. During the quarantine, he has taken up a Mohawk hairstyle and Handlebar mustache, in which is rocking!

There are many more like Tamera Mowry, Tom Hanks,etc. But coming onto our Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, she too has taken a makeover. Miley Cyrus went from Easter Pink to showing off a bangs cut on “SNL at Home”. Her bangs haircut has evolved online. “Lucky for me, I’m not going to be seeing anyone,” Cyrus said in one Instagram video.