Check out Jared Leto’s first look as Morbius!!

Check out Jared Leto’s first look as Morbius. It is just out of the box and is totally opposite to what people have been expecting and thinking about it. Jared is seen as Morbius in it and it is just mind blowing to see the character. It is kind of comical also. In the pictures revealed, his face was not fully shown as he was looking over the camera from his shoulder. But it was known that Jared is the one who is playing as the role for Morbius. Fans are very excited and cannot wait to see what happens and what is the story and all.

Even the creators and cast members are excited about it and were saying that they cannot wait to show them all what it is about and how it is and all. They even said that they are super thrilled to show them the real Morbius looks and all, the makeup, costumes and everything. Also to show and reveal other members of the team with their costumes, makeup and everything too. So it is a fun and an exciting ride indeed, with lots and lots of surprises and excitements also on the way.

Hopefully everyone would enjoy it and support it. Sony is also supporting it so everyone can view it from that also and many pictures and all were not really revealed by Jared. But many pictures and videos were out for the public view. It was shocking also how it got out. But many pictures were out of the production, all about it and so on. Well everyone is just pretty much awaiting for the upcoming views and everything. Hopefully like the creators said, it would be exciting and worth the watch so that there would be lots and lots of supporters.