Cells at work season 2: want to know more about the red and white blood cells of our body? Read to know the release date, plot, and latest updates.

Cells at work, in Japanese this comedy anime television series is known as Hataraku Saibo. It is adapted from a manga series of the same name. The writer and illustrator of the series is Akane Shimizu and publication of its first season occured in 26 January, 2015. However, publication of new volumes takes place now also.


After some years of publication of the manga series David Production that is an anime studio decided to come up with an anime television series of the same. Thus, Cells at work finally became available for the viewers on 8 July 2018. And it immediately became very famous among the anime fans. Moreover, even the new viewers liked it.

Ever since the first season became hit on the television fans are eagerly in want for a second season. The first season had 13 episodes in it, it started in July 2018 and ran till 30 September 2018. Few months after season one ended there came a special episode of the series named Cells at Work!: Cold Syndrome (Hataraku Saibō: Kaze Shōkōgun in Japanese). Release date of this special episode was 27 December 2018.


Next year on 23 March 2019 the shows renewal for a second season was announced through the official Twitter page of the series. But the fans were not informed with any release date for the second season. Thus, right now it’s not clear when will the second season hit the screens.


However, if the show follows the previous release pattern, it will probably release in july 2020 or sometime around this month. And for people who want to see the show in English language, unfortunately it’s not officially released in English language. But you can always watch the show with English subtitles on Cruncyrolls.