Carson Daly Reveals a new name for newborn daughter and explains the sweet meaning behind it


American television host, radio personality, producer, and television personality, Carson Daly announced the addition of a new member to his family, with the birth of his daughter.

Carson made a brief reappearance on the Today show on Friday, calling in to update his work family on the birth of his newborn daughter. He went on to praise his wife, for her strength and vigor she showed for giving birth during the Coronavirus pandemic. Carson explained that she spent most of her time in the hospital alone amid the new regulations during the pandemic and restricted him to only joining her in the delivery room during their daughter’s birth. Carson called his wife a superhero and that feels enamored by her.

Carson’s fourth daughter was born in Long Island, New York on Thursday, March 26 at 4:08 p.m., weighing 8.2 lbs. and a height of 51 cms. Carson also revealed that he had a special name for his newborn daughter as she named her Goldie Patricia.

The name is a homage to Carson’s mother Patty, who had passed away in September of 2017. And it was just the perfect choice, given that his newborn daughter was born just two days before his mother’s birthday.

Carson stumbled upon the name Goldie, on St. Patrick’s Day, given his Irish descent. Carson revealed that they had a short-list of names that they had already decided, but their daughter felt like a ‘pot of gold’ at the end of their family rainbow. He revealed the idea of naming their daughter Goldie Patricia to his wife, Siri, and they just knew that this was the perfect name.

Daly also added that he and his wife will be calling their daughter “Go Go” for short and also told his Today co-anchors that his three other kids were excited for their little “Go-Go.”

Just before signing off on Today, Daly thanked all the medical staff working at the hospital where his daughter was born.