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Carnival Row: The New Development Suggests a Release Date for the Season 2 of the Fantasy Series

Credit: Twitter

Season 1 of “Carnival Row” came out on 30th of August, 2019.  Originally, it is based in “A killing on Carnival Row” by Travis Beacham. The series is mixture of steampunk, urban fantasy, neo-noir and politics. The original network of the series is Amazon’s prime video. The series was successful in gaining amazing number of viewers.

However, fans thought that the series will not have season 2. But Amazon prime video proved everybody wrong. It was already renewed in July, 2019. Moreover, the production has really done a great job for season 2.

What is the current status of Season 2 of “Carnival Row”?

Fortunately, the shooting of season 2 is already completed in May, 2020. In fact, not even the coronavirus pandemic could stop the production of “Carnival Row”. Well, that is one of the appreciating job done by them . Everyone around the entertainment industry is appreciating them for production’s active work.

 What is the release date of season 2 of “Carnival Row”?

Although, the shooting is all done but still there is no clue of when will the creators roll out the series’ season 2. Sources say that there will be five episodes in the series. The released ate of season 2 is still a mystery. However, the series was renewed before season 1.

The series’ season 2 was supposed to be released in summer this year [2020]. But the world wide pandemic had some other plans for everyone. So, keeping in mind the things which we have discussed, we expect season 2 to release in 2021.

Above all, there exists no trailer of the series.

Team of season 2 of “Carnival Row”

The first episode of season 2 is written by Erik Oleson along with Travis Beacham & Marc Guggenheim. 2nd episode to 5th episodes are written by Sarah Byrd, Wesley Strick, Dylan Gallagher & Mateja Bozicevic and Tania Lotia.