Carey Reacts to John and Chrissy’s Quarantine Fun! Check Out What these Celebrities are Doing during their Quarantine

The whole world is having a potential threat, we all are going through something devastating, something which we have never experienced. In such jeopardy, there has to be something to motivate us something that could keep us going. Well, in this time of tense atmosphere we have something positive and lightning for you.

John and Chrissy’s Quarantine Time

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, the singer legend is married to Teigen in 2013. The duo is lovable and is really admirable celeb couples. The couple in these days of quarantine has proven themself as true public figures. The couple went on Instagram live in this week, trying to cook something or specifically chicken and playing Mariah Carey’s ‘Always Be My Baby’ in the background. The couple was also seen sharing their experience.

The 34-year-old model and Television personality also sang with the music and discussed her long wish of kissing underwater. Well, remembering the shoot of legends single hit and love anthem All Of Me, in which he, of course, fulfills his wife’s wish, and talks about the scene where they embrace underwater and started singing the song to which Teigen quickly shuts him down.

Carey Reacted to the Post

We also had a quick reaction from the other celeb, well that was quick because all celebs have quarantine themselves, in order to remain safe and guide their fans in this difficult time. Carey is also spending her time with her family. She reacted to cute couple video and wrote that though John is Legend it’s not always about him. Referring to the video. She also comically asked for the chicken saying that the food looked delicious and could she get delivery.

John didn’t take this quite healthy joke as an offence and instead replied that Chicken is on the way. Legend and Carey have collaborated in past and known to be good friends, they sang When Christmas Comes in 2011.

Meanwhile, Carey is also sharing her me time with the fans on her social media account, how she is busy spending time with her children and doing viral challenges.