Cardi B Gets Called Out By Fans For Being Culturally Insensitive As She Posed As A Hindu Goddess!

It seems like rap star Cardi B is making headlines for yet another controversy. The Bodak Yellow hitmaker is facing a serious allegation this time and she is breaking her silence over the whole issue that might have escalated a bit too far.

Cardi B Steps In Amidst Some Severe Allegations Of Being Culturally Inappropriate!

Rapper Cardi B recently posed for the camera as a Hindu Goddess Durga for a photoshoot. As soon as the photo resurfaced on various social media platforms, the rapper was called out with severe allegations of cultural misappropriation. Here are some of the angry tweets penned down by people who were deeply offended with the photo and called the rapper out.

People soon pointed out that this photo has hurt their religious sentiments. As Cardi B is holding a shoe in her hand whole posing as Maa Durga, it was not received positively. People took to social media saying that gods and goddesses are not something to be mimicked.

The Bodak Yello Hitmaker Apologized For Hurting Religious Sentiments.

While some other people said that the entire pose, the whole thing is quite offensive for the entire Hindu community. After this outburst, Cardi B stepped in and apologized for it and even assured fans that she will be doing more research henceforth.

In the video, the rap star clarifies that it was not her intention to offend someone or anyone’s religion and that she would be like it if someone offended her religion as well. She was not being disrespectful and should have done some more research. Cardi B was not aware of the whole issue and thought the idea behind the shoot was a good one and apologised for it.