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Cardi B And Offset Sure Does Know How To Pamper Their Daughter With Birkin And More Extravaganza!

Rap star Cardi B sure does know how to live life king size! From extravagant birthday parties to an eye-grabbing fashion collection, the rapper has it all. However, she is not the only one in the family who has inherited this extravagant taste!

Kulture Has An Impressive Fashion Collection Just Like Her Parents!

Cardi B and Offset’s daughter Kulture has such an impressive fashion collection that it will give many a run for their money! For starter, the little one has a custom car seat from the luxury car brand gifted by her father Offset that is worth a whopping £6,000! An image of the car seat  was posted by Offset and it came along with a funny caption as well! 

If that is not impressive enough, the little one already has a verified Instagram account and fans recently got a glimpse of diamond-encrusted jewellery which includes a gold watch and monogrammed necklaces for the little one. Fans were stunned to see how extravagant was Kulture’s second birthday party with personalised masks, ball pit themed decorations and much more. The kid  is a lot like her parents who sure knows how to throw a party!


The Little One Has Her Own Birkin Bag As Well!

The little one just like her mother has her taste for Birkin bags and Offset gifted the two-year-old toddler her own Birkin which matches with one of Cardi B’s Birkin bag. The two marched their bag in a small video uploaded by the Bodak Yellow hitmaker!


While some backlashes the parents for spilling their daughter with such extravaganza at such an young age, the WAP hitmaker soon defended Offset. The rapper saw no harm in the gift and explained why. 

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