Captain Underpants spinoff books will no longer be published due to racist undertones!

To every one of those Captain Underpants book fans out there, it would appear that you should adhere to the original series. As indicated by Deadline, the spinoff graphic novel, The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future will presently don’t be published by Scholastic because of “passive racism.”

Author of Captain Underpants Has Apologized

Author Dav Pilkey is accepted to have concurred with the choice. It is additionally being accounted for that all copies that are right now available for use will be returned to the distributor. “Together, we perceive that this book propagates passive racism. We are profoundly upset for this genuine slip-up,” the company said in an articulation. The publisher didn’t go into subtleties encompassing the choice to chop out the book outside of that remark. They have given an apology, and all copies that have been requested globally have been dropped. The article proceeds to clarify that they will connect with schools and libraries to have the title cut from their understanding records.

captain underpants spinoff


In the interim, Dav Pilkey has needed to do harm control of his own by giving an apology on YouTube.

As per Deadline, he has said that the book was never expected to be hostile and was intended to show inclusivity. However, it had as of late been purchased to his consideration of what sort of content it was with respect to the racist undertones the graphic novel introduced. He stretched out the apology out to his Asian crowd and to any individual who has been outraged by the novel since its distribution in 2010.

The Captain Underpants spinoff isn’t the principal youngsters’ book to be cut from distribution lately. Six Dr. Seuss books were taken out from distribution because of cases of supposed racism also, recommending publishers are endeavoring to make a more noteworthy move toward advancing value and consideration.

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