Captain Spaulding is no more! The actor, Sid Haig dies at 80! Our condolences with the grievers.

Sid Haig-Sidney Eddie Mosesian is well known for his roles in Jack Hill’s blaxploitation films of the 1970s as well as his role as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s horror films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and 3 From Hell. He had a leading role in the television series Jason of Star Command, as the villain Dragos. 

The actor, producer, and musician died on Saturday evening. He was 80 years old when he left the living world.  Consequently, on 21st September, his wife Susan L. Oberg informed the fans on Instagram. 

Obviously, fans are devastated to learn of this horror legend’s demise. 

Previously, Haig encountered a fall that led to his admittance in the hospital. He was experiencing breathing problems. The development of a lung infection leads to this. So, he was shifted to ICU to receive intense care.

In 2003, Haig starred in Rob Zombie’s debut film House of 1000 Corpses, as Captain Spaulding. The role earned him a “Best Supporting Actor” award in the thirteenth Annual Fangoria Chainsaw Awards and induction into the Horror Hall of Fame.

His image as Captain Spaulding is remarkable in today’s horror genre. Haig reprised his role as Spaulding in Zombie’s 2005 sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, entitled The Devil’s Rejects. For this film, he received the award for “Best Actor” in the 15th Annual Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

Moreover, the actor reprised his role in the third installment 3 From Hell. The movie released for a limited time from 16 September 2019. However, he could not accompany promotion due to health issues.

His wife, Susan, loves him dearly and is heartbroken with her husband’s death. She expressed on Instagram her grief, requesting a time for herself and her family.

Likewise, she wrote that she thinks he has gone to a happy place and wishes to meet him soon in the afterlife.

We pray to give strength to her family. The fans are also mourning the loss of such an icon.