Candice Patton and J.R. Smith Las Vegas Video Got Leaked, but the Chaos created was a deliberated one? Is Jewel trying to get attention?

It seems like whatever happens in Las Vegas definitely did not stay in Vegas in the case of Candice Patton and J.R. Smith and Smith’s wife Jewel is in no mood to ignore it.

A Las Vegas Video Got Leaked and Created Controversy!

A video happened to show the two at the Halloween party in Las Vegas appeared on the Internet. The actress made a suggestive gesture when the basketball player stood near her. The video went viral in no time and it seems like the video has sparked enough controversy.

The Flash star was wearing a Cruella de Vil outfit that was falling for the camera. While crouching near Smith’s crotch, she stuck out her tongue as if she were going to practice oral sex with the Cleveland Cavaliers athlete. She showed a big smile while he was smiling at his pranks. The video is quite suggestive.

The issue became all the more complicated when Smith’s wife Jewel, who has been married to Smith since 2016, continued to say that she will for her enemies, anyone who comes to marry and tries to attack her marriage. In the caption, she added: Healing! Catch this good PRAYER!