Candace Cameron Bure “Trust The Lord always” as JoJo Siwa calls her “rudest celebrity” !! Checkout for details!!

JoJo Siwa has called Candace Cameron Bure the “rudest celebrity” she has ever encountered, and this has caused Candace Cameron Bure to turn to her faith.

The 46-year-old fervent Christian shared Isaiah 26:4 and the quote “Trust The Lord always” on her Instagram Stories on Monday.

In a statement or on social media, Bure has likewise avoided explicitly addressing the accusations.

Siwa, 19, gained notoriety on Sunday after she shared a TikTok in which she referred to Bure as the “rudest” star she has ever encountered.

The former “Dance Moms” contestant didn’t go into detail about her allegedly unpleasant encounter with the mother of three, but it’s plausible that they came into contact on the “Dancing With the Stars” stage at some point.

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock,” the scripture reads in full.

If Bure’s post was in response to Siwa’s accusations, Bure’s representatives did not immediately respond to demands for comment.

They both participated in the dancing competition show, albeit in different seasons, with Bure placing third in Season 18 and Siwa placing second.

In 2019, Siwa and Bure co-hosted an episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

It is unclear if a separate meeting took place backstage because in a video that was shared online, the actress gives the YouTuber a gift in an effort to spread “Christmas cheer.”

Bure explains to Siwa, “I heard you like a lot of sweet things, so these are all cookie cutters and a tiny recipe card so you can have someone bake them for you on tour.

Following the singer of “Boomerang’s” viral video, there was debate on the Internet on whether or not to accept the claim.

Some think Bure’s religious beliefs may have had something to do with her alleged treatment of Siwa, who came out as gay in January 2021.

“Candace Cameron Bure is very conservative, JoJo Siwa is gay. Not difficult to believe,” someone tweeted.

Siwa’s emotions, according to some social media users, are “not surprising.”

I can’t stand JoJo, one person tweeted in response to Siwa’s bluff. You may have danced for Abby Miller and stood up for her despite the fact that she was openly unpleasant to everyone, but Candace Cameron was the rudest celebrity you have ever encountered. Sure……”

Regarding Siwa’s time on “Dance Moms,” @S0ND0N stated, “And this child worked with Abby Lee Miller.” That’s a lot to say, I suppose.