Camilla Cabello took the Radio to revealed that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are her songwriting heroes!!

The Senorita singer Camilla Cabello has a treat for her fans. Camilla Cabello called into 97.1 AMP Radio on the morning of September 6. She announced the release of her two singles back to back named ‘Liar’ and ‘Shameless.’ She also hinted about her inspiration for her new album ‘Romance.’

Camilla Cabello’s sing dedication to Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift:

While answering questions on 97.1 AMP Radio Camilla revealed that Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are her songwriting heroes. She also said that she had learned a lot from both of them. On being asked about her relationship with the duo, she said that she converses with them frequently. She also said that she sings them songs written by herself. She said that she sang them her favorite song, which hasn’t been released yet. On this, Ed Sheeran said that it was the best work she has ever done and Taylor Swift also loved the song. Camilla said that it meant a great deal to her because they both are her inspiration.

Details about ‘Liar’ and ‘Shameless’:

Talking about her two new releases, Camilla said she wrote both of the songs on the same day. She wrote both the songs just a week before the release of her worldwide hit song ‘Senorita.’ Camilla said that both of the songs have pretty much the same meaning. She wrote the songs because she didn’t like a person and didn’t want to have a feeling for him. In her opinion, if she writes something which isn’t part of her life, then that song wouldn’t be fun. It will be interesting to see how her fans respond to these two new releases.