Camila Cabello Discloses her relationship with Shawn Mendes; What’s so special about her upcoming album “Romance”? Is it dedicated to the duo’s relationship?

It all started while producing the greatest hit song ‘Senorita” with her co-singer Shawn Mendes. During those times Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were great friends working on their track of Senorita but something struck the female singer’s mind to realize that there was something more to the friendship that was blooming between the two.

Nothing was under wrap anymore as the Cuban American singer opened about her feelings for Shawn Mendes. So far she’d been denying her feelings for the Canadian singer but as time did its job, she couldn’t resist her feelings to keep filling her heart and she exploded out with them through her latest upcoming album ‘Romance’, revealing her budding relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Rumors of the two cuties, dating was in the air when recently the two were spotted kissing in San Francisco just after the Senorita singer gave a hint on the stage, the previous day, revealing her meeting with a boy in San Francisco who’d help her find the title of her new album. At first, she felt weird to accept her falling in love with a person whom she’d been friends for a long time but her feelings had covered a journey from a bud to a growing flower which resulted in her enrapture.

During her interview in Los Angeles, while she was discussing her upcoming album, she ended up confessing out her journey of the period until she realized she was in love. She also gave her fans the first listen to her upcoming song of ‘Romance’. On asking, she explained her reasons behind naming the album ‘Romance’ was because she wanted her life album to be called romance as it was her first-ever serious relationship where the acceptance of love was mutually and not one-sided.

Before introducing the song she said she was nervous before singing this song because it was her first time that she was singing a song which includes complete expression of her falling in love and accepting her true affections and emotions.

Camila said while writing the lyrics she felt more like a painter than a songwriter as she drew her emotions and feelings on the paper and not just write them down. As she started singing the lyrics- “No I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, till you kissed me there”, the crowd madly applauded as she virtually connected with the audience and mesmerized them with those rousing lyrics, as she continued, “No, I never liked windy cities but I think maybe when you’re with me, I like everywhere.” The song goes on saying, “No, I never did like tequila, but there’s something about when I see you, I think I need a drink.”

According to a recent update, the 21-year-old singer tweeted on her twitter account announcing her official completion of the album ‘Romance’ which is likely expected to be released by the end of 2019, as of now we do not have any official date of its release.