Cameron Diaz Makes a Shocking Revelation while Calling herself a “beast”

Cameron Diaz is a “Beast”

Hollywood actor Cameron Diaz recently appeared on the Rule Breakers podcast hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Michelle Visage. She shared about her life after leaving the ‘trap’ that is Hollywood. She shattered some beauty standard as well during her conversation with Visage. Visage also appears as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Cameron Diaz is famous for playing the romantic counterpart in movies like  Charlie’s Angels, Gangs of New York, The Holiday and The Mask. She is one of the biggest actresses in the industry. However, she walked away from that life about a decade ago. And along with that she also left the conventional beauty standards behind. And she has no regrets.

Cameron Diaz Does Not Wash Her Face, Calls Herself a "Beast"
Instagram/ Cameron Diaz

Diaz Doesn’t Wash Her Face

The 49-year-old actress shared how freeing her life was after leaving Hollywood. She does not even think about her looks anymore. Which is something that everyone needs to learn from the woman. She further told the host that she does not even wash her face anymore. Now, that was quite shocking. Despite owning a billion products that she does not use, she doesn’t wash her face. She added that she washes her face twice a month. It’s hard not to think about your looks, Diaz added but she overcame it. And now, as she puts it she is a “beast”.

Cameron Diaz Does Not Wash Her Face, Calls Herself a "Beast"
Instagram/ Michelle visage

Facing Misogyny in Hollywood

The “Charlie’s Angels” actress also opened up about facing misogyny in Hollywood. During her time in Hollywood i.e., in the 1990’s, the industry had a lot of misogyny, exploitation. Her choices were not enough to make changes in the industry. She was also subjected to sexual objectifications.

Diaz recently turned down the offer for $100 million in Hollywood. She does not currently want to put her energy to think about her looks.