“Butter” Trailer is Here Successfully Speaking Against Bullying!

Butter stars Mira Sorvino and Alex Kersting

The very official trailer of the movie “Butter” has fallen out on Blue Fox Entertainment’s YT channel. “Butter” is both the title of the movie and the nickname of the lead character. He is a young boy who is suffering from obesity. Butter constantly craves attention from his schoolmates but instead gets bullied for his body. However, he has a very great sense of humor and an amazing music talent. He is an extremely great saxophone artist but is trapped in his body weight.

Butter trailer
Credit: YouTube | Blue Fox Entertainment

Butter trailer is a mixture of fun and cold feet feeling

The trailer has wholeheartedly expressed issues like obesity, bullying, and isolation. One day when the bullying crosses every limit, Butter announces something very dark message to the world. He says that he will eat his final meal on New Year’s Eve until he dies. So that way he makes a list of wishes until he dies. Butter gets famous in his school and makes new friends. His friends enjoy his company and he constantly has fun with them. However, gradually, he starts thinking about whether he really wants to kill himself. 

Given the plot of the movie, it is kind of a predictable story. However, if the movie throws a surprise hit in the plot, it would become an ultimate story. The story is just about a youngster who is suffering from obesity and at some point in his life, he starts feeling a lack of acceptance. 


Butter stars Mira Sorvino, Alex Kersting, Mykelti Williamson and Brian Van Holt. It also stars many other talented actors. The movie has not even been released yet but, it has successfully won many awards. The list of awards includes multiple indie film festival awards. Butter will release on 25th February 2022. The movie is more special for Alex Kersting as he is going to mark his debut along with the movie.