Burbank Police step up patrols to investigate threats against Warner Bros

The Burbank Police Department has heightened patrols over the Warner Bros after they received a threat which targeted the studio. Lt. Jeff Barcus revealed this news on Tuesday evening.

Barcus further revealed the police department received the threat on a phone call. He didn’t speak much on the nature of the received threat but said: “It was very, very general.”

The lieutenant combined that police cadre program to tourney with Warner Bros guarantee about the call. Meanwhile at the same time, the studio revealed to the reporters that they were not aware of any credible threats.Warner Bros also said another statement regarding the matter. They said they weren’t aware of any threats, but they would definitely coordinate with the local authorities and keep an eye over the situation. Apparently, the Warner Bros do not take circumstances like these lightly.

It was fuzzy if the WB threat was associated to those collected prior today at the SAG-AFTRA stations in the Miracle Mile region of Los Angeles. But there were some definite safety measures taken for precaution. The employees were ordered to evacuate the building after the SAG-AFTRA offices received that unspecified threat of an upcoming attack.

There have been multiple reports regarding this case and recently another one surfaced. An LAPD spokesperson also revealed about the incident at the office. Apparently, there was a phone call to the office and the caller said that there might be an attack on the SAG office by them. And of course, the phone call forced the authorities to take some steps. The guild closed down its offices on the recommendation of the police department. But even after several hours passed by, no suspicious action was recorded.