Bumble has unlocked Sharon Stone’s account and honored her to be a part of their dating app. She is back on Bumble.

Finally, Sharon Stone is back on Bumble after being blocked as a fake account. Read on to know the complete details.

Sharon Stone is back on Bumble

The 61-year-old several award winners are now back on a dating app, Bumble. The Bumble officials blocked her after being claimed as a fake account. Though, she had to have to do multiple things to get back on the dating app.

Sharon tweeted a tweet on her twitter account after being blocked. She shared a screenshot from the bumble app, that was showing that “Your account is blocked.” And along with the screenshot, she included a statement, “I visited the bumble app and found that my account is blocked because some of the bumble users have reported that this account is not me. I mean, Seriously!”

After her tweet, bumble officials initially responded to her saying that, “You are a recognizable icon, everyone know you. So, the moment users found your profile unverified with photo, they felt that the account is fake. It’s not you.”

“Photo verification is a mandate as well as a step to connect confidently on bumble.”

And then the director of bumble Clare O’Connor replied and apologized for the inconvenience caused to her.

But with all the inconvenienced caused to Sharon Stone showed off the security level for the users, it shows that the users on Bumble are safe. And then the bumbling representative honored Sharon to become a part of their dating app.