Bullet Train Trailer Released; Brad Pitt Action Mode On

Bullet Train Trailer Released by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Entertainment Pictures dropped the trailer of Bullet Train, the most awaited film of Brad Pitt.

In the trailer, Pitt looked in his action mode. His fans will surely love his character in this action-packed thriller film with a light shade of comedy.

Deadpool 2 director, David Leitch back on the board with another stupendous film, this time in Japan.

Let’s find more about the released trailer in this post.

Bullet Train
Bullet Train Trailer

The trailer 

Bullet Train trailer opens with full-on action showing us all the main characters and what we can expect next like a short teaser.

In a two-minute trailer, the first five seconds were crucial as it keeps us glued to the trailer in these minutes and we wait to see what else is going to happen.

As evident with the name, the picture is set in Japan, and mostly takes place inside the bullet train. On which world’s deadliest assassins boarding it and Pitt has to stop him or her, which will later disclose in the film.

Bullet Train
Bullet Train

The film is full of light humor and action from the beginning. We take a look at all the major characters revealed in the trailer one by one which looks impressive.

The movies take us to modern-day Japan, where we see him in the guise of a local Japanese, in which he also never ceased to impress us.

The film

The film is based on the novel Maria Beetle by Isaka Kotaro. It revolves around Ladybug, a trained killer who embarks on a mission to collect briefcases kept in a bullet train. But it was not as easy as it appears. With him, many people join in the chase with the same motive, to get that briefcase back.

Produced under 87 North Production Company, Ryosuke Saigusa and Yuma are serving as executive directors of the film.

The film is going to release in theatres around the world on July 15.