Broadway superstar Nick Cordero gave up his life after fighting with coronavirus for a long time.

A Canadian, part of the Big Apple, and a brilliant mind indeed. Nick Cordero was 41 when he met with his tragic end. The year 2020 has not only been troublesome to the ones affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but also their families and beloved ones. The year started on a bad note, the pandemic making it even worse.

Not to speculate much, there have been several losses of life this year. Many celebrities who were close to everyone’s hearts have passed away, leaving behind their memories of the world and their fans. 

What was the recent news?

The sad piece of news concerning Nick was something that his fans couldn’t take well. They got overwhelmed by listening about his demise and stormed the internet with his posts. Not to forget his close ones who posted about his career and his personality after the event took place. He was battling the disease for 95 days and was in a critical condition. What nature wished for had taken place, he passed away and left behind memories of his with his fans.

What did his wife tweet?

His wife had accepted the reality despite not wanting to believe in it. Understanding how tough it would have been for her to tackle the situation, it was a tough moment for her and their entire family. She posted on Instagram a photo of his and captioned the photo as the heavens got a new angel with him passing away.

The world lost another gem and that was a painful moment for them all. His fans were sad about it too and expressed their grieves in their ways. Life gets tough when it shouldn’t be, may they get the strength to fight the sorrows that follow and overcome all the hardships, if any.