Britney’s Phone was Under Surveillance Reveals ‘Controlling Britney Spears’ Explosive Documentary

Conservatorship or ownership–Controlling Britney Spears speaks facts

Britney Spears has been fighting for her freedom for so long. When Framing Britney Spears was released, the singer’s world was much different. Back then, Britney never testified in a court publicly and her father was very confident of his role as her estate conservator. Moreover, the singer did not have her lawyer to represent her.  

But now, things seem to be very different and progressive. Britney started speaking publicly about various facts. She called her conservatorship abusive and she was held against her will. Things went so favorable for Britney that she was even granted to heir her lawyer.  

Controlling Britney Spears which was released yesterday. The documentary reveals shocking truths and facts which never caught an eye till now. Read below to know more about the facts Controlling Britney Spears doc reveals.

Controlling Britney Spears
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Controlling Britney Spears reveals the truth about aides working near Britney

The filmmakers reveal that whoever worked around Britney was forced to sign NDA. It was a non-disclosure agreement that did not allow anyone to enter the inner circle of Spears. Moreover, when Britney spoke out in court it changed the game. Because her aides got the confidence to break NDA. 

The shooting of Controlling Britney Spears never began until June 23 because makers were waiting for Britney’s testimony.

How was the experience of Controlling Britney Spears maker?

Samantha Stark said that when she was filming every aide of Britney was forced t sign an NDA. However, those who spoke up did it because they wanted to help Spears. But when people broke NDA and finally, spoke up, they spitted harsh and chronic facts. The allegations were explosive and shocking. Stark said that Britney has been forced to live a very dark life.

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