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Britney Spears Is Making Some Bold Demands And Strongly Opposed To Her Father Being Her Conservator! What is the reason behind her severe reaction?

Singing sensation Britney Spears’s personal life has been a controversial piece of news over the years, the singer had a dramatic meltdown after which the matters went on to become a bit too severe!

Britney Spears Has Been Strongly Opposing Her Father As Taking Up The Task Of A Conservator!

While it was widely speculated that the meltdown was evident enough to reveal the fact that the singer is unable to make her own decisions, which led the judge to order her to go under conservatorship. Under this rule, her father Jamie Spears was her conservator and was also in charge of her financial matters as well.

However, after a few years now Brtiney Spears is strongly opposed to her father being her conservator and looking into her financial matter. In a recent status hearing, it has been stated that Britney Spears wants a qualified corporate fiduciary to be appointed who will look into her financial matter and not her father.

Fans Started A Campaign To Question The Motives Of The Whole Procedure.

This issue gained considerable momentum after all the loyal fans started a campaign named # freebritney. This campaign is urging the authorities to free the pop star from the conservatorship and question the motives of the people who are given the task. Some of these fans believe that Britney Spears had to go through such a situation against her own will.

Jamie Spears has denied all the allegations saying that these people do not know the truth or anything about his daughter. Her went on to say that he loves his daughter and wants the best for her. However, with Britney Spears herself opposing we wonder what can be the reason behind this!

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