Brielle Biermann Faced Major Backlash For Her Social Media Post Was Described As Triggering And Uncomfortable! Check this out to know what we are talking about.

It seems like social media influencer Brielle Biermann, whose mother is none other than Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak-Biermann is stuck amidst a huge controversy revolving around her stepdad, Kroy Biermann.

Brielle Biermann Faced Major Backlash For Sitting On Her Stepfather’s Lap For A Birthday Post!

The whole backlashing happened after Brielle shared a birthday post on Instagram by penning down an emotional note for her father saying what an incredible human being he is and what a hardworking, selfless man her dad is. However, the image that she uploaded seems to have come in the negative light for all the wrong reasons. Here’s the picture that seems to cause so much controversy !

The picture of Brielle sitting on her stepdad’s lap sparked major controversy online with fans commenting that how uncomfortable this picture made them. One even commented that how the picture and the pose, in general, were triggering! While another person said that it was a tad bit uncomfortable to see an adult woman sitting on her stepfather’s lap.

Some People Tagged The Picture As Uncomfortable And Triggering!

However, some fans room came in Brielle’s rescue and defended her by saying that it is rather disturbing to see people jumping to unfounded conclusions. One said that it is rather perverted to make such a comment about an innocent picture.

Even Brielle defended the picture by implying that it was rather an innocent picture. Some people said that cringe comments like these tells a lot about the people rather than Brielle herself. Some of the cringe comments were frowned upon and fans soon defended the social media influencer when people tagged the picture as something that made them uncomfortable.