Breastfeeding creates a women’s metabolic CV strong after Pregnancy

The research has found that a woman who breastfeeds for at least 12 months is 30% less likely to develop Diabetes and 13% less likely to develop hypertension kind of small diseases. And, this study has been proved with evidence from research which was running from the past ten years. The research was done over 200,000 women, to compare the changes and effects of the woman who breastfed or who never breastfed.

The conclusion from the research

The research proved that a woman who breastfeed, they are helping their body to improve their metabolic profile for longer-term.

The study says that a woman burns a more significant number of calories when she feeds a baby and create a back way of metabolic problems that can develop during Pregnancy such as Cholesterol, more fats circulating in the blood, and reduced ability to process sugars in the body, said by Dr. Haitham Ahmed. He is working as a chairman of cardiology at AdvantageCare Physicians in Brooklyn, New York.

During the research, the data from the last four studies which was done over 206,000 women to know the connection between lactation and Diabetes and previous five studies which was done over 255,000 to understand the link between lactation and high blood pressure.

The conducted studies proved that Breastfeeding is one of the excellent ways where a woman can secure herself from high blood pressure and Diabetes and can protect herself from few other conditions like obesity, smoking, and family medical history.