BREAKING: Man Utd’s Shocking Shirt Number Decision for Mason Mount Will Leave Fans Speechless!

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Man Utd Reveals Mason Mount’s New Shirt Number

Manchester United has officially revealed the new shirt number for their latest signing, Mason Mount. This announcement comes after Mount completed his much-anticipated move from Chelsea to Old Trafford. The club’s decision regarding the number adds to the excitement surrounding Mount’s arrival and generates anticipation for the upcoming season.

Mount’s Historic Number

The No.7 shirt at Manchester United holds significant historical value, having been worn by legendary players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, and Bryan Robson. After considering other potential candidates, including Alejandro Garnacho, the club has entrusted Mason Mount with the iconic number. This move reflects the belief and admiration that United has for Mount’s talent and potential.

Mount’s Path to the No.7 Shirt

Mason Mount previously wore the No.19 shirt during his time at Chelsea. However, he has donned the No.7 in previous stages of his career, both with the England national team and Chelsea’s Under-23 side. This familiarity with the number showcases Mount’s connection to the iconic shirt and his readiness to embrace the expectations that come with it.

Inherited Legacy

Mount’s acquisition of the No.7 shirt at Manchester United follows in the footsteps of numerous illustrious players who have made their mark wearing the same number. From the flair of Cristiano Ronaldo to the leadership of Bryan Robson, the jersey represents skill, influence, and success. Mount now has the opportunity to build his own legacy and contribute to the rich history of the iconic shirt.

United’s Expectations

Manchester United fans are filled with hope and excitement as they anticipate Mason Mount’s impact on the team in the upcoming season. As the premier football club returns to the UEFA Champions League, Mount’s addition provides depth to their midfield and complements the creative abilities of Bruno Fernandes. The fans eagerly await the moments of brilliance and goals that Mount can produce wearing the No.7 shirt.

A Journey through Numbers

Throughout his career, Mason Mount has donned various shirt numbers, ranging from 6 to 60 during his time with Chelsea’s youth teams. However, his new assignment of the No.7 at Manchester United grants him a coveted single-digit number in the Premier League. This milestone reveals the club’s faith in Mount’s capabilities and their intention to unlock his full potential.

The Relevance of Shirt Numbers

Shirt numbers often hold symbolic meaning in football, embodying the position and responsibilities of the player wearing them. At Manchester United, each number carries a rich history and is associated with specific players and their accomplishments. As Mason Mount steps onto the field wearing the No.7 shirt, he becomes part of a prestigious lineage and carries the hopes and dreams of the club’s passionate fanbase.

Shirts of Legends

The No.7 shirt at Manchester United has been adorned by revered names like George Best, Eric Cantona, Bobby Robson, and David Beckham. These football icons have left an indelible mark on the club’s history, and Mount now has the opportunity to etch his own name alongside those greats. With each match, he has the chance to inspire and create unforgettable moments for the fans.

Mount’s Transition

Mason Mount’s move from Chelsea to Manchester United opens a new chapter in his career. Leaving his boyhood club was undoubtedly a tough decision, but it provides him with an exciting challenge and the opportunity to win major trophies with United. Mount’s ambition and determination to succeed align perfectly with the club’s aspirations.

Joining a Strong Squad

Upon joining Manchester United, Mount expressed his admiration for the strength and depth of the squad under manager Erik ten Hag. He acknowledges the big steps the club has taken and how they have showcased consistent improvement. Mount is ready to contribute to the group’s hunger for success and is prepared to give his all to help United capture major trophies once again.


Mason Mount’s acquisition of the No.7 shirt at Manchester United symbolizes the faith the club has in his abilities and potential. As he embarks on his journey with the Red Devils, Mount carries the weight of history on his shoulders. With each match, he has the opportunity to create his own legacy and become a revered name in the club’s storied history. United fans eagerly anticipate the moments of brilliance and success that Mount will bring to the team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who wore the No.7 shirt before Mason Mount at Manchester United?

Previous notable players who wore the No.7 shirt at Manchester United include Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Eric Cantona, and George Best.

2. Did Mount always wear the No.7 throughout his career?

No, Mason Mount wore the No.19 during his time at Chelsea. However, he has previously worn the No.7 for England and Chelsea’s Under-23 side.

3. What are the expectations for Mason Mount at Manchester United?

Manchester United fans have high expectations for Mason Mount, hoping that he will contribute to the team’s success and deliver impactful performances while wearing the No.7 shirt.

4. How has Mason Mount prepared for his new role at Manchester United?

Mason Mount has been honing his skills and working hard during his time at Chelsea, which has prepared him for the challenges that lie ahead at Manchester United. He brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team.

5. What opportunities does the No.7 shirt at Manchester United provide for Mason Mount?

The No.7 shirt at Manchester United offers Mason Mount the chance to make a name for himself and contribute to the club’s illustrious history. He has the opportunity to create memorable moments and inspire the fans with his performances.