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Bradley Walsh emotionally narrated the situation of a helpless mother and a sick child. Read for more details.

Ruth appeared on the daytime show in a heart-breaking video where she told of how she has not been able to visit her son Sam, who is currently in a care home, for the past six months. Sam is suffering from the later stages of Huntington’s disease, a condition that stops parts of the brain working properly over time, which has left his mother completely devastated as the Covid-19 outbreak has meant she has been unable to help him over the course of the year.

‘My whole body demands that I am there to care for my son and I’m not there and it’s like grieving upon grieving, I can’t be there, I can’t love and help my son,’ Ruth explained in a pre-recorded clip.

Bradley appeared to talk about the heart-breaking story, to which he was initially alerted when Ruth reached out to him on Instagram. Recalling how it was his wife Donna who first saw the message, The Chase star said: ‘As you say, I never realised that you could get messages via Instagram, I didn’t know that existed. So, Donna, as you know, saw this and said, “have you seen this message you’ve got?” ‘And straight away I thought, “wow, if it was my mum, or my son Barney, or Hayley, then I would be absolutely devastated.’

He went on: ‘I’ve never met Ruth, by the way, that’s heartbreaking, and since then, I have got on board and thought what can be done? ‘The government got battered at the start [of the coronavirus pandemic] because that happened then, but this is now seven months of having daily contact with Sam and all of a sudden now none. And he’s in the latest stages of Huntington’s disease.’

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