Bradley Cooper looks like Jeff Foxworthy in this new mustache look in Disneyland…

The lead of ‘A Star is Born’, Bradley Cooper has shed off his long hair and also his clean-shave look. The 44-year old has grown a mustache and fans couldn’t help but compare his new look with comedian Jeff Foxworthy. He had been sporting this combination for a very long time.

Source: Cosmopolitan

“Just saw a picture of Bradley Cooper with a mustache and thought it was Jeff Foxworthy!! #BradleyCooperPleaseShave”, read one tweet. Another twitter user wrote: Does anyone else think that Bradley Cooper currently looks like the 1990’s Jeff Foxworthy?

Source: Page Six

Bradley was spotted by TMZ in Disneyland spending time with his two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, over this weekend. He was seen doing merry-go-round and The Flying Elephant kiddie with his daughter Lea when on closer inspection, he was spotted with a huge mustache.

The ‘Dadley’ Bradley has committed himself to different roles, both as clean-shaven and as well as scruffy in the past. He even committed long hair to his role of Jackson Maine. But long mustache is something new.

The good part was that Bradley Cooper was very happy while sporting his new look in Disneyland, being the happiest father on the planet. He was spotted with facial hair earlier this month on his visit to Malibu, but the hair cut and the hairstyle is something recent.

Sadly for the fans, Bradley Cooper didn’t show up his new look at MTV Video Music Awards 2019 despite being nominated with Lady Gaga in two categories. His film ‘A Star is Born’ had been nominated for both Best Collaboration and Song of the Year.

Jeff Foxworthy is himself happy about Cooper’s new look where he commented on Instagram that his wife was happy for his husband being compared to a star like Bradley Cooper.