Brad Pitt calls Donald Trump a bigger threat to serious issues

In a recent interview, Brad Pitt rips apart American President Donald Trump.

Brad Pitt considers the American President to be a big threat to serious issues.

The American actor recently got chatty with a French Magazine, Journal Du Dimanche during promotions of his upcoming movie, Ad Astra. He was queried about his French vineyard, Château Miraval that he co-owns with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, and the tariff President Trump is aiming to impose on French wine. “I don’t know,” he professed that he isn’t much aware of the issue.

Brad Pitt calls Donald Trump a bigger threat to serious issues 1
Château Miraval, Brad Pitt owned vineyard in France.

He says that he thinks people will always drink rose (wine) in the United States. He said that if there is a threat to the winemakers, it is a matter of concern. Calling it unfortunate, he says that tariffs are almost anecdotal. Chateau Miraval’s line of wines consists of its signature rosé which has been in the market since 2013. It was ranked as one of the top wines in the world.

Brad Pitt calls Donald Trump a bigger threat to serious issues 2
Brad Pitt gets candid about his vineyard and Donald Trump’s tariff imposition during Ad Astra promotional event.

While the Ad Astra star confessed that isn’t much well-versed with the new tariff imposition plans, he expressed his concerns for the US Presidency, stating that President Trump represents a much bigger threat on more serious issues.

Pitt has never hesitated in showing his displeasure for Trump. Back in 2016, he had said that he struggled to understand the support for the real estate Mogul. Born and brought up in Oakhlama and Southern Missouri, where Donald Trump enjoyed the majority, the actor said that he couldn’t understand how people there could support a party whose policies were most threatening to them.